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Pa's traps

All Pa's traps were completely homemade. After a time, ah came to see them as the direct embodiment of the unsuppressible and spring-sprung hatred that Pa felt toward the world and everything in it.

He collected metal scraps from the junk-heap - pieces of car body, hubcaps and bumper bars, wires and metal brackets, springs and coils, rusty nails, paint tins, petrol canisters, steel cylinders, copper piping, lead piping, nuts and bolts, old pans, cutlery, metal panels, steel barrels, chains and ball bearings - and by subjecting them to bulk cutters, metal shears, files, pliers, tin-snips, fire and icy water, hammer and anvil and lead-headed mallets, he would heat and bend and bash them into monstrous shapes or file and shave them to sinister points, weld and wire tin teeth and fangs of shaved nails into heavy black jaws, cut and moulded from hardened plates of steel or bits of track or bumper bars weighted with bolts and rocks. Then he'd also fashion a spring, a catch, a lock and a trigger. Coating the whole contraption in a black, acrid grease that glistened darkly on the cruel and ragged teeth, he would wrench the slippery jaws apart and lock in the catch so that the greasy fangs yawned wide, grinning and salivating with skunk-oil in an obscene leer that begged to be fed.

                                                                                 —Nick Cave,  And the Ass Saw the Angel


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